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It’s No Mirage – New World of Final Fantasy Trailer Revealed



As anyone with even an ancillary knowledge of JRPGs would know, Final Fantasy has been around for quite some time, in quite a number of incarnations. Well Final Fanatics, prepare for a new, cuter installment into the franchise that ever drifts away from the meaning of the word final; World of Final Fantasy.

Apparently lacking in memory, siblings Reynn and Lann journey into a chibified world known as Grymoire, containing a vast number of unique creatures and characters, like a Cactuar with a day job. On this trip, they unlock the ability to team up with said creatures, dubbed Mirages, utilising them in battle against their less than friendly brethren. Some faces familiar to fans of the franchise also make a lil’ appearance, namely Lightning from FFXIII and the Warrior of Light from the original Fantasy, when the Final was thought to be true.

So what do you think about this new world? Is it cute? Too cute? Personally I’m happy that it’s being released on the PS Vita, it just seems like one of those games that’d be nice to have on the go. Regardless, check out the trailer below and develop an opinion all your own. Though I think we can all agree that the characters are cute, just look at lil’ Lightning. How can you disagree with that face?


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