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It’s A Big World, And It’s Time To Start Discovering It – Final Fantasy: Explorers Launch Trailer Released


Square Enix are very happy to announce that their latest handheld Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy: Explorers, has now been released across Australia and New Zealand. Hooray! Finally, those of us living “Down Under” will get the chance to truly explore the vast world of a franchise that has been around since, well…perhaps the beginning of time. In fact, I remember reading segments of the Bible that detailed times wherein which some of the apostles had to take breaks from their holy work to level grind.

This may be strange, but some of you reading this may not know exactly what Final Fantasy: Explorers is, and that’s fine because Square Enix have you covered with the release of the video game’s launch trailer which takes audiences through each and every aspect of the game, making sure to inform people of what exactly they’ll be in for when starting up the new title.

A Final Fantasy game the likes of which you’ve never before experienced; Final Fantasy: Explorers ditches the turn-based RPG setup of previous games and instead employs an almost Monster Hunter-like set of gameplay mechanics that has you, a warrior of the Final Fantasy realm, taking on countless enemies seen throughout the franchise’s long lineage with a fast-paced, reaction-heavy style that’ll test both your ability to make snap decisions as well as your more tactical capabilities.

Like most Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy: Explorers is looking to be an enjoyable romp through the world that has delighted so many video game fans in the past. Before you dash to your local video game retailer to grab yourself a copy of the game, do make sure to watch the launch trailer so as to get yourself into the mindset of the series. Enjoy!


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