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It Was Only A Matter Of Time – Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Now In Production


Human kind can not gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy’s first law of equivalent exchange“. For those of you who have watched the original Anime series of Fullmetal Alchemist, it is this quote that is burned into the very walls of your mind. Before the start of any new episode, it was these words that greeted you, making sure that you understood one of the fundamental rules of the practice known as Alchemy. This rule, though odd, is actually good to keep in mind as you go through life; taking nothing without first giving something. A cosmic force similar to this in many ways is that of Karma; what goes around comes back around, do good and that good shall be done unto you, etc.

A live-action film adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist has just been announced, now despite what everyone else is focussing on, I seem to have my eyes locked on something a little more, let’s say, metaphysical. If this live-action film indeed follows the same rules as the Manga series it uses as it’s source material, does this mean the world must sacrifice another live-action adaptation for the sake of this one being created? I would like to say that the world has given more than it’s required equivalent exchange considering the live-action Attack On Titan films that absolutely bombed with both fans and critics alike. I feel like we as the population of the world now deserves a live-action Manga adaptation that does the material justice, but will we get it? Only time will tell.


Japanese entertainment publication Daily Cyzo today revealed that a live-action adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist is currently in production, set for a release sometime in 2017. Directing the film is Fumihiko Sori who has previously worked on the live-action films Tomorrow’s Joe, Ping Pong, and few others that people would be aware of. Also revealed alongside that of the film’s director is it’s man cast member; Ryosuke Yamada who will be portraying Edward Elric. You may know Ryosuke as a member of the popular boys idol group Hey! Say! JUMP, but many of you would know him from his portrayal as Nagisa Shiota from the live-action Assassination Classroom film.

As many of you may have already guessed; it was also revealed that the film will feature a great deal of computer generated animation, with Alphonse being entirely animated rather than through using practical effects like extensive costuming. Nothing has been revealed regarding story, so at this point in time I would refrain from assuming that this movie is going to stick to the story told throughout the long-running Manga series. Chances are it will chop and change from it’s source material to fit into the length of a feature film, but my hope is that (much like The Conqueror Of Shambala and The Sacred Star of Milos) this film takes the Elric Brothers on an adventure we’ve yet to have seen before without cutting too much into the series’ original story. Is that what is going to happen? Perhaps not, but a boy can dream.


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