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Is “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” Really Coming To The Wii U Or Is This Just Another April Fool’s Hoax?

Monster-Hunter-4-Ultimate-HD-Ver-Press-Image-01Today IS April Fool’s Day which ultimately means that anything you hear about, read about or are simply told about could possibly be just one huge lie. This is fantastic for those of us who report on Pop Culture news because it means that, chances are, on this day we’re more than likely totally wrong about everything we spend time writing about.

April First is a day of pranks and laughs but it’s also a day of broken hopes and dreams. Why say all this? Well, to cover my own arse if I’m being entirely honest. There’s nothing more unforgivable than unreliable information delivered as God’s honest truth so in an attempt to close the gap between me, the article writer, and you, the reader, I have said what I have said.

Now onto the actual news: A little image has surfaced today that could possibly mean the arrival of “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” to the Wii U. This image, which you can see to your left, is a crude photograph of what looks to be an “official” press release form Capcom’s European branch. Now despite it being sent out on the 31st of May I must remind you that, with things like April Fool’s Day…some like to start early.

Titled “Monster hunter 4 Ultimate HD Ver.”, this new game brings all the action and fun of the recently-released “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” to Nintendo’s HD console the Wii U. Now as you can see from the image, “HD Ver.” will be playable at 60fps and as high a quality as 1080p which, if true, will result in one hell of a good-looking “Monster Hunter” title. You can probably expect from this Wii U release everything you could have expected previously with HD versions of “Monster Hunter” titled. More monsters, more armour, better looking graphics and gameplay mechanics which have most likely been tweaked between the handheld and console release. Chances are, if this is all true, you’ll be seeing it all in the Wii U version of “4 Ultimate”.

The original source of this news has speculated that the picture in question was taken by an employee of Capcom who has leaked the press release before the actual announcement which may be made at tomorrow morning’s Nintendo Direct Presentation. This, like all other information here, COULD be true. Until we hear an official statement from Capcom, though, I wouldn’t quite count this one as a “win”. Most people aware of this news is simply chalking it up as an April Fool’s prank but we’ll soon see tomorrow whether or not something about this gets said. Until then; why don’t you go Hunt some monsters on the 3DS version? That’s what I’m heading off to do right now!



  1. Every fibre in my body wants it to be a yes….April Fools is such a damn tease it’s almost aggravating.

      • If it would be true I would wish it to be cleaned up for an HD console instead of Tri Ultimate which is just the 3DS version with a higher resolution. Hell it doesn’t even look like 4 was built for the 3DS at times, it gets kinda ugly occasionally.

        Is asking for the game to be remade too much to ask? No, it’d be another failure in Capcoms hate that I don’t think they can afford if they were to botch such an opportunity.

      • Frank Inglese says

        No I don’t think it’s too much to ask for. Surely devs have seen how good super smash bros for the wii u was received and surely they understand that putting that much effort in will result in some incredibly high sales and happy fans. I’d like to think they’ve been working on the wii u version all along, just keeping it hush hush

      • It isn’t like there is a quiet minority asking for it, it came up all the damn time when it was coming up to release and is a common request weeks after.

      • Frank Inglese says

        Let’s just hope Capcom is listening

      • The sales of 4 are very loud surely to a company in a little spot of financial stress.

      • Frank Inglese says

        I really do hope you’re right. It’ll make me consider buying a Wii U

      • I own one myself and can at least truly vouch for Mario Kart 8, can’t say the same of my others games, though the entire e-shop is pretty damn handsome.

      • Frank Inglese says

        I’d love to grab Earthbound and Megaman Battle Network. Just two of my all time favorite games/series

      • Only with Nintendo can I stay with the great games of the past without exhausting maintenance of old hardware and game boxes that are falling apart with the manual lost to the house years ago.

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