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Inio Asano’s ‘Goodnight, Pun Pun’ Licensed by Viz Media, I Am Happy Now


Viz Media have made a rather pleasant announcement today that they have acquired the license for Goodnight, Pun Pun, the magnum opus of iconic counterculture modern manga artist Inio Asano.

Goodnight, Pun Pun follows a young boy’s journey to adulthood as he experiences love, loss, friendship, pain and all of the things that come with growing up. It is a story about the loss of innocence and the acceptance of the harsh reality that is adulthood. Asano uniquely depicts Pun Pun as a cartoonish bird and as he grows older the cartoonish form becomes a more darker being, serving as a visual representation of his evolution as a person.

It is this kind of introspective and thought provoking work that has made Inio Asano a rebellious voice of our generation in the manga world, taking on the issues and topics that most modern manga dares not to. Viz Media have confirmed that they will release the first volume of Goodnight, Pun Pun in 2016. This is great news for Asano fans and I for one must say, I am happy now.


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