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If Looks Could Kill – Ken Masters Returns For Street Fighter V 


Oh yes! San Diego Comic Con has officially kicked off and that means you’ll all have to start preparing yourself for an onslaught of awesome news and even more exciting reveals coming fresh from panels across the convention. The first big Japanese title to get itself an SDCC update is Street Fighter V which will, of course, see the return of Ken Masters, so sayeth the trailer shown at Capcom’s panel.

The “new” Ken Masters appears sporting a brand-new fighting attire alongside a sick half-ponytail so most, but not all, of his golden locks obscure his vision while he fire kicks his opponents to near death. Great thing is; more than just Ken’s appearance has been changed, his fighting style is now very much different to that of Ryu which will piss off some old-school fans and excite others. I’m one of the others.

While still being able to rock a Hadouken, Ken’s style has changed to be a little more, let’s say, “flashy” which you’ll see once you watch the introduction trailer provided below. Personally, I think it’s awesome that they’ve changed Ken. He isn’t drastically different from how he used to look, but he’s different enough to set himself apart from Ryu while at the same time earning major style points.

Now you’ll notice that at the very end of the trailer Capcom has added in a teaser for a new character not yet revealed. This comes in the form of quick, close-up image flashes that people have now screen captured and are currently discussing who it could be. I say keep an eye out for it but I’ve got the picture here for you so you don’t have to strain your eyes. Who the heck IS that?

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