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Ian Sinclair Announced As English Voice For Gangsta’s Worick Arcangelo


The subs vs dubs argument is slowly being phased out nowadays, and that’s thanks to production companies like FUNimation who are constantly preparing for an English release of the most popular new shows.

The latest to get the dubbing treatment is none other than Studio Manglobe’s Gangsta. Based off of a Manga by the same name, Gangsta follows the life of two neutral men living in a time plagued by crime. That’s not the worst part though; there’s a war on the horizon, and as the only impartial party…they’re in the center of it all.

FUNimation has today announced just a few of the names of those who’re working on the English dub of the series with Ian Sinclair at the tip of the spear as series lead Worick Arcangelo.


Ian Sinclair – Worick Arcangelo

Brandon Potter – Nicolas Brown

Felecia Angelle – Alex Benedetto

John Swasey – Chad Adkins

Aaron Roberts – Cody Balfour


Christopher Bevins – ADR Director

Jeremy Inman – Asst. ADR Director

Domonique French – ADR Engineer

Greg Taylor – Asst. ADR Engineer

Phillip Jones – Asst. ADR Engineer

Jared Hedges – Lead Writer

The first episode of the dubbed series is set to air “tonight at 9:00/8:00 CT“, so sayeth FUNimation, which is great for those of you watching in North America but not so great for the rest of the world who aren’t even allowed access to the trailer of the recently-announced dub.


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