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Hyrule Warriors – Tingle And Young Link Announced As New Character Additions


Why? Just…why? Ugh. So Nintendo, through their video presentation last night, have announced a whole bunch of new things for 2015 but none more disappointing than…Tingle appearing in the “Dynasty Warriors”-style action video game “Hyrule Warriors”.

All of the news that came out of Nintendo Direct’s presentation last night has excited me beyond all belief but having to write about Tingle, the worlds most hated “Legend of Zelda” character, has really started to bum me out…Luckily I get the chance to also talk about the addition of Young Link who will also be making his way to “Hyrule Warriors” alongside a new Adventure Map thanks to a “Majora’s Mask”-themed DLC pack that is set for a release on the 5th of February!


The new pack will be selling for $7.99 in North America so expect inflation or deflation depending on where in the world you are. This pack looks pretty cool as long as you totally disregard the forty year old fairy-wannabe and his uncomfortably “snug” leotard.

Instead, give all the attention to Young Link; the coolest twelve year old to ever kill a giant spider with nothing but a shield, a sword, an a flimsy slingshot. He’s cool! Tingle will fight with all the things someone like Tingle would fight with whereas Young Link has a few extra awesome fighting features up his sleeve.

Not only does he make use of the aforementioned sword and shield but he also has access to a couple of the masks obtainable in the upcoming “The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s mask” remake, and yes that includes the Fierce Deity mask. I bet this DLC just got so much more appealing.


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