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Hunter x Hunter on Hiatus Until God Knows When

hunter-x-hunter-hiatusAs we previously reported, the Hunter x Hunter manga went on hiatus due to Yoshihiro Togashi, the series creator, suffering severe back pain at his work desk.

News has just broke through the latest Weekly Shonen Jump that the hiatus for Hunter x Hunter has continued because Togashi is still undergoing treatment in hospital.

It was said that Togashi was even unable to sit at his desk as a result of the crippling back pain.

As of now the manga is on hiatus indefinitely. No return date has been set for the manga and with the additional bad news of the anime’s imminent ending, I’d say it is a pretty crummy time to be a Hunter x Hunter fan.

I for one hope he gets the treatment he needs and heals up soon. Stay tuned for more information on this developing story.


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