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‘Hunter x Hunter’ Anime To Get English Dub By VIZ Media


For fans of Hunter x Hunter this news has been a long time coming. Not only was the 2011 anime adaptation of the Hunter x Hunter manga a rousing success both artistically and critically it was every Hunter x Hunter fans dream come true. After over a decade having passed since the inception of the awful 1999 anime adaptation the series was rebooted and wound up being one of the greatest shonen anime adaptations of all time in this writer’s opinion. Now we have the news fans have been waiting for, VIZ Media have just announced that they have licensed the series and will be dubbing it into English.

This is some fantastic news to say the very least and long overdue. The 2011 anime adaptation has been critically acclaimed and as the years rolled on and the series came to its conclusion in episode 148 many thought that an English dub would never come to fruition. Thankfully we were all wrong and VIZ Media will have the honors of localizing the series.

While no casting announcements have been made at the moment this is exciting news none the less. Unfortunately Yoshihiro Togashi still has yet to return to actually writing the manga series so we will have to do with an English dub as our Hunter x Hunter fix for the forseeable future. Now if only Square Enix would stop releasing Dragon Quest games we might just get a continuous serialization.


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  1. i have only got to episode 60 and i love the show i cant wate for the rest to be in english dub

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