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‘Hunter x Hunter’ anime series coming to an end at Episode 148


Sad news for Hunter x Hunter fans with word coming through that the anime adaptation of the enduring shonen manga will wrap up its run at episode 148.

The news broke thanks to Megumi Han, the voice of series protagonist Gon Freecss confirming on her official blog that she has finished all of her recording for the series and that she is saddened by the conclusion of the anime. Anime News Network posted a translation of the blog which you can see below:

“Now that I’ve talked about the turning point for this column, there’s something I want to talk about. The other day, at Sanbunzaka Studio, the place of all the beginnings, we conducted the recording for episode 148 of Hunter x Hunter, which will serve as the turning point for the anime for now. I will not say “final episode” myself. I will be stubborn and only call it “episode 148.” I say this, because in terms of episode numbers, in a certain meaning, this will be the final episode, but I feel that it also feels like the start of a new beginning. If you ask me, episode 147 is the final episode, and 148 is sort of an epilogue. The original manga is still continuing, and the adventures haven’t ended yet. An unknown world still awaits. Actually, it’s like what has happened up until now in the story was nothing more than a prologue, and it gets me even more expecting for what’s to come.

Though I say that, when I think that “I’ve been going to the same place every week at the same time for three years, but next week, this won’t happen…,” I get very sad.

…I know I shouldn’t talk too much, but I will condense my feelings right here. To everything up until now, and to everyone, I say, “Thank you.”

This is of course sad news for Hunter x Hunter fans, but not entirely unexpected considering the events of the manga making a nice stopping point for the series before it embarked onto the Dark Continent arc. On top of that, it has become increasingly clear that the anime is catching up to the manga at a very fast pace due to Yoshihiro Togashi’s 2 year long hiatus following the completion of the Election arc.

Stay tuned for more information on the conclusion of the Hunter x Hunter anime series as it surfaces. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Source: ANN


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  1. I’m optimistic that the anime will continue in the future. I’m willing to wait. I’ve already predicted this since Togashi-sensei is notorious for taking ultra-long hiatus.

    • Frank Inglese says

      Yeah I think a lo of other Togashi fans are thinking the same way.

  2. amona says

    im sad that 148 is the final ending,i thought its only the beggining adventure of gon and killua very dissapointed…im waiting for a match between gon and hopefully they gonna make more episodes..

  3. Lena Lucente says

    I didn’t know what anime was until my son told me to watch hunter x hunter, now I am hooked. I can’t get enough of Killua and Gon. This is a great anime with substance. It always seems that when I find something worthwhile to watch, it ends. I have watched the whole story from the beginning about 3 times now and if it doesn’t finish up the stories that need to be told, well that will be very sad and I will quit watching altogether. Please keep it going.
    Sincerely, a mom that loves hunter x hunter.

  4. Klinxs says

    This is the stupidest decision and the people who are in charge need to be fired!!
    what a disgrace!! sloppy and unprofessional decisions. One of the top 5 best animes ever and they put it aside.
    someone needs to answer for this!

  5. kevin says

    Some one needs to tell the people incharge something their writing one of the best animes ever and I’ve read Manga and watch almost ever anime this show has no were as many episodes as bleach or one piece or conan case closed or dragon Ball z but probably has a larger fan base or close to that of all those shows for just the amount of episodes it’s amazing and really hope the keep make more soon.

  6. Shikamirikimi says

    -_- It’s so sad that the best anime I’ve watched and the best manga I’ve read has gone to an end. God, I can’t even imagine that Killua and Gon would say goodbye in that way.

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  8. Eino Flores says

    so sad but I’m willing to wait until it’s come back..I really love this anime and I can’t wait to see what happens

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  11. Allan says

    I thought Dark Continent would just be the beginning of their Ultimate journey, And yet they end it:((

  12. Abby Alvarez says

    Unreasonable.. you must continue please…

  13. Abby Alvarez says

    The best anime I’ve seen.. friendship, love, kindness and valuable insights can be found in hunter x.. place continue.. million of Filipino are waiting..

  14. i wish that the continuation oh hunter x hunter 2011. The Dark Continent will be airing soon. Any updates of this guys …? :(

  15. akash says

    i like gon and killua and i realy want see them again

  16. macnolan noa says

    i am one of the big fans of hunter x hunter from the philippines i wish that the continuation of the episode were not satisfied in the end

  17. Armed with perhaps two of the funniest, most demented, and rapid fire twists in possibly all of film history!

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