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Hori’s Nintendo Switch Accessories Revealed Through Online Leak


Avid fans of not only the video game industry but of Nintendo specifically will know that tomorrow marks Nintendo’s live presentation of their upcoming console, the Switch, across the globe. Having known about this for a little while now, anticipation within the gaming community is at an all-time high, so the news of image leaks regarding the console’s first wave of accessories has come at arguably the most opportune time.

As with any good handheld release, the likeliness of there being peripherals to help not only protect the console but to make it more comfortable for the player is quite likely, and as such, seeing as though the Nintendo Switch does indeed fit the category of “handheld device“, it was only a matter of time before products like this were to be revealed.

Surfacing online are a series of images depicting accessories for the Nintendo Switch developed by well known video game accessory company Hori. Most of the peripherals revealed are based, aesthetically, on what we can only imagine to be a launch title for the system; The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, with skin sets, hard cases for the system itself, and cartridge cases for the games being decked out with Breath Of The Wild visuals.


Alongside items like protective screen guards, car chargers, dual controller chargers, and that of which I mentioned above, Hori are also producing items to help your gameplay experience as a whole; like thumbstick grips and trigger guards. Also shown as a “Compact Playstand” which will allow you to set down your Switch to play without attaching it to the dock, and a LAN Adapter which, once can imagine, will allow a speedier connection to the internet through an Ethernet link.

Perhaps the biggest items listed are Hori’s own “Hori Pad“; an interesting controller that has been labelled for use while playing “serious games“, and an arcade-style fight stick that leads me to believe the Nintendo Switch will be getting a fair few competitive fighting titles. That, though, is simple speculation on my part, so take that little more than a grain of salt.

Below we have provided all the leaked images, but make sure you stick to the site over the next few days as we cover the Nintendo Switch live presentation tomorrow at 3pm AEST.


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