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Hideo Kojima Introduces The World To Company Mascot Ludens

Kojima-Productions-Ludens-Full-Body-Render-01Hideo Kojima is an eccentric man. This is something we all know. Another fact is that most of the bizarre men and women have something to offer in life, the likes of which we’ve most likely never seen before. Kojima’s Metal Gear series of highly popular video games revolutionised the world of console gaming as we know it today, and those games featured some a whole new level of ridiculousness. None the less, they were incredibly enjoyable, and worked wonders for the industry, allowing it to evolve in countless different ways.

Now we’re all aware of the confusing war between Konami and Kojima that took place a fair while ago, so I’m not going to bother reiterating something everybody is very much aware of. Instead, I believe we must look towards the future, and it seems as though the truth of that future lies somewhere within Kojima Productions’ new company logo. Kojima Productions has today expanded on it’s already strange mythology by revealing a full-body render of it’s very own emblem. Named Ludens, this Halo-esque character may just be the protagonist of Hideo Kojima’s next big video game; something fans are currently speculating.

Not much is known about this strange man (as confirmed by Kojima’s Tweet), apart from the fact that it’s name is Ludens and that he is wearing something called Extra-Vehicular Activity Creative Suit, also known as the EVA. Oh wait, Hideo Kojima did make a statement regarding this reveal that might clear some of the confusion:

“We’ll deliver The New Play in The New Future with the cutting-edge equipment, technology, and the frontier spirit.”

Yeah, right, so that didn’t necessarily clear anything up, and it’s only loosely connected to that of the characters reveal, but still…it’s something! No-one apart from Hideo Kojima knows what’s to come next from Hideo Kojima, but the man does a damn good job at building hype and developing an interesting modern-day mythology that sends fans into a frenzy of research and speculation. Hideo Kojima knows what he’s doing even if we don’t, and I think that’s a great position for him to be in. The man cannot be pinned down!

Whatever the “New Play” is, it’s coming in the “New Future”, which people tend to believe referees to the fact that Kojima Productions is developing a game to be released in the near future, but I believe it means Hideo Kojima has a plan to destroy the world as we know it and take over as the new God King…but that’s just my humble opinion. Though seriously, people; open your eyes! The end is nigh! God is dead! Kojima is the supreme leader of Earth! Hail Ludens!



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