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Hideaki Anno Announced As Chief Director/Writer For Upcoming “Godzilla” Film

Godzilla VS. The Smog Monster

You guys and girls like “Neon Genesis Evangelion” right? Oh, you do?! That’s great, but it doesn’t really matter right now because series creator Hideaki Anno is setting his sights on another towering mass of destruction and it doesn’t go by the name “Unit-01”. I’m sorry I brought it up. Now instead of Mr. Hideaki Anno laying out a work schedule for the fourth “Rebuild of Evangelion” movie that we’ve all been waiting for, he has decided to tackle one of his lifelong dreams; to be the driving force behind a modern “Godzilla” film.

Something you may not know and something that may help you swallow this piece of news is that Mr. Anno has actually been a long-time fan of not only “Godzilla” but the entire Tokusatsu genre as a whole. In fact, he’s been known to collect props from some of the more mainstream series’ that have been made and aired in the past couple of decades. Fact is, his sights are now on a project he’s never done before but one that I’m sure he thinks he’ll be well-suited to.

Backing him up for the upcoming film is an long-time friend and master of special effects; Shinji Higuchi, who you may know is the director of the upcoming live-action “Attack On Titan” films. Not only is he on board as the director of special effects for the new “Godzilla” movie, but he’ll also be helping his friend direct it. With these two at the helm, this film is surely a force to be reckoned with.


Obviously I was joking in my earlier statement; those who are indeed waiting for the fourth “Rebuild Of Evangelion” film please rest assured that Mr. Anno is still working on the film but will be dividing his time between it and the new “Godzilla”. Did you honestly think he’d abandon his life’s work for anything less than a meeting with the Gods themselves? Of course not! Anno had actually turned this project down a couple of years ago just as he had finished up the third “Rebuild Of Evangelion” movie.

Due to a hellish and long production process, Mr. Anno was drained and simply couldn’t accept the directors position. Two years later, he decides that now is the time to bring “Godzilla” back to Japan in a huge way. It’s been over a decade since Japan has produced a “Godzilla” film and I think this team is just the one to do the misunderstood giant justice. Honestly…anything will be able to topple what America has given us in terms of “Godzilla” content…literally anything will do. Seriously, Anno…ANYTHING.

So far the only real imagery of the new “Godzilla” to be released is that of a teaser image that simply shows his footprint which, according to people who’ve done their research, when compared to the 2014 movie’s titular beast…this one’s even MORE of a monster. Too bad we wont be seeing it in full glory until the Summer of 2016 but that doesn’t necessarily matter. What matters is that we know it’s coming.



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