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“Heroic Legend Of Arslan” Anime Adaptation Announced


“Fullmetal Alchemist”…Have I got your attention now? Good Anime/Manga fans will know the name Hiromu Arakawa and if they don’t, well…we can’t exactly call them good fans can we? The creator of “Fullmetal Alchemist” and the more recent series “Silver Spoon” which deals with the daily lives of farm workers, has been working on a new Manga for quite some time now and although it isn’t as well-known as her previous creations it is still one that long-time fans of her work have really been getting into. It’s a Manga that goes by the a name of “Heroic Legend Of Arslan”.

You may know this Manga by one of it’s more noticeable front covers which features a white-haired gentleman that just so happens to look like a more stoic Edward Elric. You may also recall the name of this series thanks to it’s lineage; it’s a story that has been told time and time again by different writers over the years. The new Manga hasn’t been around for too long, only about a year or two, but over the weekend it was announced to be getting its very own Anime adaptation. Again, this story has been adapted into an Anime series before but that was long ago when the Manga was under the writing rule of another Mangaka.

Specifically, it is Miss Hiromu’s adaptation of the story that is going to be…adapted. This news comes from a television commercial that has just started airing in Japan which works well as a nice little teaser for all of us interested in catching a glimpse of the series. No exact date has been revealed in regards to when the series will air but my guess is that it will be sometime in the next year seeing as this one is almost over. Keep in mind; when that date is revealed you can bet we’ll have it here on SnapThirty so stick around.


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