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Heads Up, Western Gamers, “Dragon Quest Heroes” Is Coming Your Way!


Day after day, week after week, month after month, we continue to see more and more of what the upcoming “Dragon Quest Heroes” Action/RPG title has to offer but us living over in the West continue to think to ourselves; “but what if it doesn’t get a localisation?”.

It’s scary to think that some of the best looking games don’t make it out of Japan but today Square Enix has wiped away our worries after announcing that the next instalment of the “Dragon Quest” series of video games will indeed be headed to the West sometime this year.

That’s fantastic news, especially for those who’ve been following the series all these years! What’s even more exciting is that it will be the very first “Dragon Quest” title to be released on the PlayStation 4 which not only means better graphics but a higher quality of gameplay due to the consoles upgraded capabilities.

To say the very least; “Dragon Quest Heroes” is going to be an incredible title that I’m sure won’t disappoint new and old fans alike. The Japanese are very lucky because it has already been released over there, but don’t fret! Square Enix, to celebrate this, have released a new batch of screenshots for us all to enjoy while we wait for the Western release:

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  1. They can take my money right now. All it took was hearing Dragon Quest. Then seeing the screenshots sealed the deal!

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