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Hayao Miyazaki – Welcomed into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame


Ah yes, the wind truly DOES rise. For Hayao Miyazaki, this wind zooms past his feet and pushes him to legendary heights. As the co-founder of Studio Ghibli alongside his long-time friend and confidant Isao Takahata, Miyazaki-sensei has added volumes of meaning-filled content to the world of cinema. There’s something amazing about the films Hayao Miyazaki creates.

He brings a sense of beauty and wonder to the screen, much like the way I believe Disney used to…unlike Disney though, Mr. Miyazaki’s films have stayed true to themselves and have continued to provide what I believe to be the most exciting movie-going experience ever. It’s just unfortunate that they barely ever get theatrical releases down here in Australia.

Regardless of that, we all know Hayao Miyazaki to be animation royalty, this is a truth that cannot be disputed and it looks as though the nice people over at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame agree with me because today they have welcomed Mr. Miyazaki into their all-star ranks alongside director Steven Spielberg and writer Jules Verne (alongside a bunch of others).

This is brilliant news for the Ghibli-loving fandom and for Mr. Miyazaki himself. With a catalog of stunning pieces of cinema gold under his belt, it was only a matter of time before his talents were ‘officially’ recognised but, let’s be honest here; had he not been inducted into the hall of fame…we would all still love him for what he has done.

Mr. Miyazaki, to you we say ‘Congratulations’ and we hope to one day see you return to the silver screen, once again taking us on a magical adventure filled with love and wonder. You’re an inspiration to us all and you will go down in history as a holy figure in the world of animation.


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