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Have You Met Killia? – “Disgaea 5” Character Introduction Video Released


Nippon Ichi Software have come out recently and said that the continued existence of the video game developer and publisher now relies solely on how well “Disgaea 5” does upon release. Though sad to see such a wonderful and much-loved company going through some hard times, I like to find fortune in the unfortunate and I think the fact that “Disgaea 5” is going to be their “Hail Mary” is going to work out so well for them. At least, I very much hope so.

As a way of promoting the game that could mean life or death for the company and to raise hype for what I’ve quickly come to look at as the next best thing in tactical RPG gaming, Nippon Ichi Software have begun releasing character introduction videos with the first to get the spotlight obviously being the main protagonist of the game…Killia.

If you don’t know who Killia is; he’s a young Demon Lord who’s out for revenge and will stop at nothing to exact it. Shirtless and fearless, this Dragonewt travels the Netherworld searching for like-minded Demons to join him in the fight against the so-much-more-evil Void Dark who threatens to rule the entire Netherworld under his iron fist.

Luckily for Killia, the man he’s out to kill and the man who’s taking over the place he lives are one in the same so he decides to kill two birds with one stone and take the guy out once and for all. Enough out of me though, you have a video to watch and I’ve provided it for you below! “Disgaea 5” is set for a PlayStation 4 release in Japan on the 26th of March next year with a Western release to come sometime after that. be sure to support Nippon Ichi Software when the game comes out. This MAY be the last we hear of them if we don’t band together and buy their products.



  1. Maybe if Nippon Ichi expanded better within new releases and IPs they’d get more going. Look at all of their franchises and you will see a lot of the same stuff in a different theme. Even within things like Disgaea their first step into the HD space was mediocre with 4 coming later to pick up the slack. They could do with using the sprite artist doing some more vivid work, whoever they are they are fantastic at it and could really help support their financial troubles.

    • Frank Inglese says

      I DO very much love Disgaea though. That’s a game series I’d like to play for years to come. It was one of the first tactical RPGs I played and It has always stuck with me.

      • It doesn’t actually DO all that much new each time, the novelty of the writing and the ludicrous numbers and specials is getting old, they are losing their substance with samey visuals and often boring sound design.

      • Frank Inglese says

        It was pretty awesome though when they went from pixel to actually hand-drawn animation for characters. I enjoyed that a lot even though I really like pixel art :)

      • The hand drawn sometimes feels too clean, like it needs the pixel art style to fit with the rest of the games visuals.

      • Frank Inglese says

        I’ve always been a fan of hand-drawn stuff. Like that game “Skull Girls”; never really got into it but I really like the visuals :)

      • Yes Skullgirls benefits from it, however the artist that does the work for Disgaea seems to do an art style that benefits from pixel art over hand drawn. Hand drawn is also more laborious to make a high frame animation, which is something Disgaea could do with in my mind.

  2. I think NIS said they were kidding about the fate of the company being dependent on D5 sales. What a relief as I like most of their games.

    • Frank Inglese says

      Even while I was writing the article I still found it hard to believe that NIS was in hard times but I suppose anything is possible in this crazy day and age. I’m glad that they’re not

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