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Have The CoroCoro Leaks Revealed A Brand-New Pokemon?


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You may not have already known this but the world will eventually see the release of a THIRD Pokemon XY film, CoroCoro’s leaked scans from the August issue have today confirmed. The upcoming movie, which has yet to be named, already has itself a trailer which will be shown after the latest film Hoopa And The Clash Of Ages opens across Japanese theatres this coming weekend.

The leaked scans show a few simple screenshots of the mysterious film that just so happen to feature what looks to be a new Pokemon, though many people across the internet are speculating that this dark figure shown in the images is instead a new Pokemon form. More specifically; a new form of Zygarde who’s Pokedex entry mentions the ability to draw out a “Secret Power” when absolutely necessary.

I was very much hoping for some news regarding a brand-new Pokemon video game at E3 and that was not delivered, so the prospect of a new Pokemon, evolution or otherwise, is very much exciting for someone like me. Until the current Pokemon XY movie opens and the trailer is shown, all we have right now are these few images so enjoy them now before more information is released and they’re made redundant.


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