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Hands-On With Tekken 7 at MadFest 2016


For many fighting game fans there are two mega series that will duke it out for all of eternity, Tekken and Street Fighter. Both play differently and feature vastly different characters and worlds, but at their heart they embody the same spirit: the spirit of fighting. While Street Fighter has chosen to update itself countless times over with 5 main series games under its belt, Tekken has moved onto the next battle and putting all upgrades into a brand new full title with soon to be 7 games to its name.

At MadFest 2016 we were able to get our hands on the upcoming installment of the iconic fighting game franchise thanks to Bandai Namco’s preview booth at the event. The demo didn’t feature a lot of different modes but we did get to try out the arcade mode and VS mode. We did however notice there was a story mode of some kind that will no doubt play a big role in the finished game.


When I jumped into the arcade mode I immediately noticed a number of interesting things, the entire HUD and graphics had been overhauled and looked epic to say the least. Fans of the series would be familiar with the ‘Get ready for the next battle’ screen. This game may very well feature the most incredible iteration of that graphic to date, lets just say it is quite explosive to say the least.

The game is set to feature several new additions to the games roster. I got a taste of the new cast of characters with the arabian prince Shaheen (eerily reminiscent of a new Street Fighter character Rashid) and Lucky Chloe an otaku cat girl sort of fighter. Both characters felt very distinct and unique compared to characters from the series past with interesting fighting styles to boot. That said, I soon returned to playing as my personal favourite character Asuka.


I noticed a few elements in the battle mechanics that I found interesting. The game now features battle damage, with characters clothes being torn and damaged as the fight goes on. Also characters wearing hats or clothing such as that can have their hat knocked off their head, for example when I was playing as Shaheen my keffiyeh was sent flying straight off my head.

At its core it plays very much like previous Tekken games but there is a nice coat of polish on Tekken 7 with a more tighter battle system and mechanics that are sure to delight the more hardcore fighting game fans. Unfortunately we only got to scratch the surface with our preview play of the game at MadFest but stay tuned as we hurtle towards the games release date where we will continue our coverage of the title.


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