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Hands On With Super Smash Bros. For Wii U – EB Expo 2014


Something I’m sure you all know is that the new ‘Super Smash Bros.’ video game title has been the talk of the globe for the last few months with fans of the fighter waiting in heavy anticipation for the new game to be released. Nintendo, being who they are, released a demo for the game about a week or so before the games actual release and it seemed as though it was just enough to whet peoples appetites and boost what already was a bullet train of hype.

Australian gamers were delivered good news with Nintendo announcing that ‘Super Smash Bros.’ for both the 3DS and Wii U will be playable at the 2014 EB Expo which, at the time of writing this article, has just passed. This would have been so much more exciting for those waiting for the game if the 3DS version of it wasn’t coming out the Saturday of the event. Before us here at SnapThirty even reached Sydney Olympic Park to attend, we had already gotten our copies of the game. This made the ‘Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS’ section of the Nintendo booth a little less exciting BUT, seeing as I’m only one man, I cannot talk for the masses. It was clear that many were still very much excited to play the game.


Media personnel or otherwise, fans in the cue for the game were treated kindly and didn’t have to wait long to get their hands on what we will ultimately call the best looking ‘Super Smash Bros.’ to date. Luke, Kane and yours truly managed to get a unit to ourselves so we can duke it out in one hell of a grudge match…but we needed a forth so we were more than happy to bring the young boy behind us in the line through to our Wii U. He seemed hesitant to be grouped up with complete strangers but his love for the game helped him to quickly dashed those thoughts to the ground and he teamed up with us, the SnapThirty lads.

Thus, round one began. Luke as Greninja, Kane as Megaman, the young man as Sonic and I as Little Mac smashed it out to the best of our abilities, all the while appreciating just how damn good the graphics look on the Wii U…damn good! We were given the Gamecube-style controllers to play with and they felt so natural. Playing the game was almost like instinct with those controllers and I could see it on the faces of my co-workers that they were thinking the same as me. Because I really am the world champion of everything…I won the first match as Little Mac.

His play style is interesting but effective: Most damage is dealt when his feet are on the ground and the more you hit, the more powerful you are. This was perfect for a player like me who just likes to get up, close and personal with my opponents. Luke and Kane, however, didn’t get a grasp on the game straight away. Not until round two where, even though I don’t like admitting it…Luke took home the ‘Smash Bros.’ trophy.


Reshuffling our players and going in as brand-new fighters, we were allowed to go for a second round before we were kicked off to let others jump on and play. Luke decided to hit the battlefield as the Villager, Kane chose Robin of Fire Emblem fame, the young man chose Greninja and I entered the fray as the Blue Bomber himself Megaman. Despite Megaman’s legendary history and awesome robot powers, he was being controlled by me and that meant he was about to be beaten. Somehow Luke managed to quickly master the Villagers odd moveset and utilized it to kick the asses of everyone else on the field. HOW!?

I’m still questioning how the man managed to get us with the chopping down of a tree he grew himself but I suppose some questions just aren’t meant to be answered. There’s one thing I can say for certain: I did well. Luke did well. Kane did…poorly, and I want to make sure you all understand that. Kane Bugeja sucks at ‘Super Smash Bros.’. I happen to be quite a sore loser, I’m a child in that regard, BUT I had no problem with losing at this game because the process of me doing so was just so damn enjoyable. It also helps that the Nintendo booth staff were gleeful and cheered us on from the sidelines especially seeing as we were clearly the loudest ones there.


Just after the end of the second match a voice rang over the booth that instructed all those playing to put down their controllers and leave so that the staff could have a little break and so that the expo can transition between its daylight and twilight periods. We, however, were encouraged to continue our third game despite the fact that everyone else had been told to leave.One of the workers even said; “they waited in line, they should be able to finish their game” and quickly joined the small group of Nintendo workers to cheer us on from the sidelines.

It’s hard to remember exactly what happened in that match because what was happening in realty was so exciting. Between the kind staff at the Nintendo booth and us young men giving each other physical grief, it was hard to actually play the game but it was, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest experience we had at that expo. I’m very much considering buying a Wii U for ‘Super Smash Bros.’. It takes everything the 3DS version has and ramps it up to HD. There’s absolutely no down side to that.

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