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Hands On With Samurai Warriors 4 – EB Expo 2014


Steady readers of this site will know that I am a huge fan of Samurai. It doesn’t really matter what the medium is, so long as a Samurai or Samurai-type character features somewhere within it I’ll be happy. This is why I practically ran to the Koei Tecmo booth as soon as I entered the hall of this years EB Expo. I dashed past ‘Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round’ and past the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ presentation room just so I could sink my teeth in what I believed to be the ‘next big thing’ in Samurai gaming and…I was not let down.

Unfortunately, during the time I was at the booth, it didn’t have much traffic. Unfortunate for the company trying to advertise their games but fortunate for someone like me who was happy to jump the cue so as to not have to wait in line; the thing I hate the very most. Whoever had played before me clearly didn’t stick around to finish the mission they started, I jumped into it half way through a game but felt at home straight away. If you’ve played a ‘Dynasty Warriors’ game than you already half way to understanding exactly what ‘Samurai Warriors 4’ is. Just replace Chinese combat experts with Japanese combat experts and you’ve got yourself a full idea of what this new game is all about.


It was a little confronting at first, especially because there are so many enemies to defeat and a huge map to travel across to get to your target but after about five minutes it was pretty clear what I needed to do…so I did it. Big time! There’s nothing better than the feeling you get while taking down hundreds of enemies at a time with a single swing of an oversized swords. ‘Samurai Warriors 4’ keeps everything that was present in its predecessors and build upon them.

This most notable upgrade to the game is without a doubt its graphics: They look absolutely brilliant! Everything was so smooth and so dynamic, it put a smile on my face that went from ear to ear but what was more impressive than the graphics is how it felt playing the game on the PlayStation 4. Playing ‘Samurai Warriors 4’ with a contemporary controller like the PlayStation 4’s felt so natural and definitely added to the experience of the game.



Like all video games of this type, I was quickly driven to move on due to repetition but, had a been in a more comfortable environment, I’m sure I could spend hours at a time hacking and slashing through tonnes of enemies, all the while completing missions, unlocking characters and screaming the only Japanese word I know: YOSHA! I’ll say this much; I’m definitely looking forward to getting ‘Samurai Warriors 4’.

There’s something magical about these types of games that keeps people coming back. It cannot just be luck and I sure as hell don’t think the series has been had up of a bunch of flukes. This game is pure carnage, pure mayhem and just pure fun. It’s now another video game to be excited about. Bring it on ‘Samurai Warriors 4’!

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