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Hands On With Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round – EB Expo 2014


After playing through a grueling mission of ‘Samurai Warriors 4’ I decided to tackle a couple of fights in the upcoming ‘Dead Or Alive 5’ upgraded re-release ‘Last Round’ at the Koei Tecmo booth at this years EB Expo. Being a huge Yokai fanboy, my obvious character choice was Nyotengu; a sexy, winged babe with some seriously deadly kicks and an air of beauty I couldn’t seem to get past. Not knowing a thing about the ‘Dead Or Alive’ series, apart from how much fanservice it happens to host, I jumped into ‘Last Round’ fairly blind which probably worked out for the better because I was actually pleasantly surprised. I played four rounds, one of which I was the victor and the other three of which I was put on my ass within the first ten seconds and stayed there until I was put out of my misery. That’s fine though because I actually had heaps of fun with it.


I found the control system to be somewhat odd but I’m under the impression that it was due to my inexperience with the series that I found the combat to be a little ‘off’. By the very end of my little run I believe I had a pretty good grasp on how I should be going about playing the game which is so good because nothing wrecks a game more, in my opinion, than a steep learning curve.

It works well seeing as the game was featured at an expo where people will be coming and going over three days, only really getting five or ten minutes to play the game. I think if you can pick up how to play a game after just one round, that’s the sign of an engaging and enjoyable game game. The thing that stood out the most in ‘Last Round’, much like every single other ‘Dead Or Alive’ game that I’ve seen, is the fanservice. There’s nothing wrong with it but it’s no secret that ‘Dead Or Alive’ happens to feature a LOT of it.


One thing I can say is that I don’t believe I’ll be picking this game once it comes out. Not that ‘Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round’ is a bad game in any way. I just feel as though, after five games, it may be a little late for me to hitch my carriage onto the train the is the ‘Dead Or Alive’ series. That’s just me though. What I saw while playing were a bunch of fans really excited for what’s to come in ‘Last Round’. Smiles and giggles as their favorite characters threw down on the PlayStation 4.

The game was visually wonderful, and no I’m not just talking about the unrealistic breast physics. It being on the PlayStation 4 has clearly opened up a whole new world for the developers to dive into, trying their hand at ‘next gen’ graphics and an all around smoother gameplay experience. Come 2015, I can see many people going on and on about the new ‘Dead Or Alive’ game and, from what I played, I think it may be completely justified.

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