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Hands On With Bayonetta 2 – EB Expo 2014


A real hair raiser

At the Nintendo booth at EB Expo 2014, in an abutting booth curtained off from the general crowds (for reasons you will come to understand), two consoles presented to us a wacky title chock full of magic, angels, demons, sensuous dancing and hair. In other words: Welcome to Bayonetta 2. If you ever sat down and played a little game called Bayonetta, then the explanation that follow will sound funny, hopeful and all around awesome. If you haven’t had the chance to play it, well, things might sound a little weird. But stick with it, because this game is totally worth it.

Thought the line for the game was not explicitly lengthy, the duration of the demo available to play certainly added to the wait. It also made the wait worth it, so no complaints there. Once I made it to the head of the queue and picked up the Gamepad (which I still maintain is way more comfortable to hold than a controller with a screen may sound) I instantly remembered that Nintendo is in need of some serious thanks. After all, they’re the reason we’re getting a sequel in the first place. And what a sequel it is.


A real jet-setting witch

Kicking off in true Bayonetta style, that is to say ludicrously over the top, we find ourselves surfing a fighter jet, decimating the ceaseless forces of Heaven. Combat remains largely the same as it did in the original game, with punches and kicks each being linked to a single button. Combos are built out of inputting specific combinations of these two move types, resulting in strong finishing moves delivered by otherwordly large limbs of hair known as Wicked Weaves. Though don’t put any pressure on yourself, because even mashing punch will net you a pretty sweet flurry strike. Additionally should you stun an enemy, a Torture attack will become available, allowing you to end a life in a brutal and inventive way. So look forward to finding all of the gruesome finishers as you continue through the game.

Fans of the series may notice that there is also a new element to combat: Umbran Climax. When you build your magic gauge to max, you are able to unlock this mode, in which extra Wicked Weaves populate your combos. It’s like entering serious boss fight mode on regular baddies. It’s kinda overkill and totally awesome. Also I think this mode heals you, but I was honestly paying too much attention to hitting things to notice. Plus the whole “blazing through the city on top of a fighter jet” thing was pretty attention getting. Until the jet was eviscerated and I wound up on the back of a train. Then I think that exploded too…environments really don’t have a good survival rate when Bayonetta gets involved.


Some pets just need discipline

As the Prologue level, this demo also expressed the brief segment of story that has been revealed for Bayonetta 2. As such, after slaughtering a particularly sizeable angel, one of the tried and true Infernal Summons goes rogue and Bayonetta winds up face to face with Gamorrah. It was at this moment that I was immeasurably happy that the Wii U utilises HD graphics. Gamorrah. Looks. Awesome. The entire fight sequence seemed like something out of the end of a game. Dramatic. Climactic. Awesome (again). The battle progressed throughout the surrounding area and possessed a sense of flow that was admittedly lacking from some fights in the first game.

With all of these factors combined, even this sizeable demo didn’t feel long enough. That is to say I wanted to keep playing. Why did Gamorrah go crazy? How did Bayonetta wind up on a fighter jet? Why haven’t the angels just decided to quit by this point? I must know the answers to these questions. As such, I will wait ever so impatiently until October 25th when I can own this mass of insanity and flair for myself.

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