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Hamatora Takes to the Stage


Just a couple of super powered detectives

Think back if you would to the Winter of 2014. A time when anime was being released in much the same way as it is now, except that it was colder. Well during said period an anime entitled Hamatora took to the screen, showing us a world where people with superpowers tried to blend into society…kind of. Though working for the greater good, the protagonists of Hamatora had a habit of utilising their powers very openly. Which was cool, just not very private detective like. Regardless, the Minimum Holders (people with powers) of Hamatora are set to return, only this time it’ll be on stage. That’s right people, a play. Titled Hamatora -Crossing Time-, will star Kensuke Takahashi as Nice and Yuki Kurofuji as Murasaki, founders of the titular detective organisation.

The play’s official site has also revealed a brief introduction to the plot…and here it is:

2014, Yokohama.
Troubleshooter of Hamatora Nice gets a call on his cell phone at Cafe Nowhere: “A murder by gun will happen in Yokohama. I want to borrow your group’s help.” A mysterious request from the police superintendent Art. At the same time, many other strange things begin to occur, including a disgusting delivery through the mail, the appearance of a strange adult, disappearing money, a test of strength, a stomach that won’t stop growling, and a dashing Murasaki. When the pieces that were scattered come together, the team will arrive at one man. The curtain opens on the real-time non-stop mystery/action story where the keyword is “two more hours!”

-Crossing Time- will be produced by Eigeki, after having already putting together Super Musical Saint Seiya, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Lucky Star On ≒ Stage. So their credentials check out. The play will run for 12 performances at the Haiyūza Theatre Roppongi in Tokyo from August 16th to August 24th. So buckle up and hold onto your minimums people, Hamatora just got real.


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