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Guns Out! – Gangsta. Anime Official Website Releases Preview 1.5

Gangsta-Preview-Screenshot-01The official website for the upcoming Anime adaptation of Kohske’s hit crime noir Manga Gangsta. has been updated overnight to now include a new preview that, although like the three-minute one that came before it, shows us a little more of what the upcoming Anime series has to offer.

Cut down to a quick minute and a half, this new preview simply works to inflate hype for the series that is already at immeasurable heights. Much like what Blood Blockade Battlefront has done to the current season, I can see Gangsta. absolutely blowing the competition out of the water. I know this for sure as someone who’s read the Manga and knows exactly what to expect from the Anime…though the few previews released also help determine just how incredible it’s going to be.

Good thing is…the series is set to premier in July so, granted some Western distributor picks up the rights, we won’t be waiting too long to actually see this series episode by episode. Anyway, enough writing, enough typing, enough reading…just watch the preview:



  1. Paul page says

    When does the episode of gangsta come out I’ve finished 1-4already

    • Frank Inglese says

      It should be out by the weekend :)

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