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Gunpla Championships at SMASH! 2016

20160821_103214.jpgIn what has become an annual tradition Gundam fans have descended upon SMASH! con at the Rose Hill Gardens for some Gunpla building fun.

Each year Bandai host a championship at SMASH! con with some pretty swanky trophies up for grabs for the winners. As expected the booth at SMASH! was jam packed with fans of the iconic mecha franchise and hobby enthusiasts alike.

Not only were the championships held, Bandai also put some incredible Gunpla figures on display for punters to take a gander at.

All in all Bandai put on a fantastic showcase of Gunpla and gave Gundam fans plenty of things to feast their eyes upon at SMASH! whether it be the championships itself or the stunning collection of figures they exhibited.

Check out Bandai’s Gunpla booth and the championship in the gallery below. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Bandai’s Gunpla championships in the comments section below.

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Flip flop slipperdy snap, want to hear a puzzle slap? Who hoot hoots like a shoe in the night, what beetleborgs do is quite a fright. You can be Scooby Doo and eat your pie too but I'm just having some fun being Halliday, dude.

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