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Gum Gum Costume Change – One Piece: Burning Blood Pre-Order Bonuses Announced


Every good battle royale begins with a fashion montage

One Piece; that treasure that all those pirates are looking for in that one show…One Piece I think. Yet, despite their best efforts, said treasure remains a mystery still buried amidst the islands of the world…if it even is buried. In the meantime however, these pirates pass the days by beating each other up for various piratey reasons, which segues nicely into the actual point of this article. As the latest entry into the catalogue of One Piece games, Burning Blood promises the chance to pit some of your favourite characters against each other for fun. But I’m sure you already knew that. What you may not have known however was that those who pre-order this particular game will receive a whole three extra Luffys with which to fight. Drawing back to a time gone by, Champion Luffy from the Davy Back Fight arc will grace the battlefield once more, along with compatriots Kung Fu Luffy (based on a sketch by Eiichiro Oda from Chapter 710 of the manga) and Luffy Gear 4th (though this ability is available in the game proper, this costume unlocks the ability to remain Gear 4th for the entirety of combat). Pre-orders also come with a nifty metal case and, for those who spring for the Marineford Collectors Edition, a rather macabre before and after figure set of Whitebeard.


The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

So yeah, good news for fans of the various looks of Luffy out there. For fans of specificity, allow me to follow up with June 3rd, a fine date unto itself. This time around however, said date also happens to be the day of release for Burning Blood, which makes it relevant to the conversation at hand, and not a complete non-sequitur on my part. With all that being said in an extraordinarily roundabout way, enjoy this trailer focusing on four of the ladies that make up the One Piece cast you all know and love.


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