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Guess Who’s Back, Back Again – Dragon Quest VIII Announced For The 3DS


How’s this for a resurrection story: Dragon Quest VIII was released on the Sony PlayStation 2 some eleven years ago and was met with legendary success. Yep, audiences absolutely adored the Dragon Quest title but it took Square Enix and the team behind the great series a decade or so before they even thought about re-releasing it.

It’s initial revival came not too long ago when Square Enix released a more condensed version of the highly-revered title for both Android and Apple smart devices. Ditching things like the voice acting and an actual engaging control system, this game still did very well…somehow. I suppose, despite what it lacked, it was still mostly the same game people enjoyed all that time ago.

Well Square Enix have gone and done it again, today announcing that they now plan to bring the title to the Nintendo 3DS. Unlike the last time it was re-released, this iteration of the game will bring about certain upgrades like updated visuals, soundtracks, new storylines and even a new character.

Set to hit Japanese shelves on the 27th of August, I can see Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King doing just as well as it did all that time ago. Perhaps even better! The problem now is…we don’t know whether or not it’ll be making it’s way to the West. Fingers crossed, right gang?


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