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Graphic Designer Gives Pokemon a Corporate Edge


They’re everywhere

Are you one of the countless Pokemon fans who have been around since the early days? The ones who are now older, but still hold fond memories of the franchise? Or are you like me, who stubbornly refuses to grow up and is still amped whenever a new game comes out? Either way, I have some images that may appeal to you.

When asked about his company’s involvement in the new age of the Pocket Monster, Pictogram founder Sebastiaan de With has this to say:

“Since the Pokémon Corporate Personhood Act of 2015, as spearheaded by Professor OAK, Pokémon became free to start their own companies, mandating the design of Pokémon brand identities. We were on the forefront of this radical development and designed several visual identities for Pokémon.”

For more information regarding the specifics of these companies, visit Pictogram


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