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Good Smile Company Announces “Freedom Wars” Beatrice Nendoroid Figure


Pretty In Pink!

Yeah, “Freedom Wars” is kind of a stressful game. I know that’s what you were all thinking when you read the title of the article. It’s one the latest and greatest PlayStation Vita titles to be released and it’s making huge waves around the world thanks to just how damn good of a game it is. You can read my review of it by Clicking Here. It’s getting so popular, in fact, that just today Good Smile Company announced through their official blog that they have developed a Beatrice “Lilly” Anastasi Nendoroid figure that will go up for sale sometime in the near future.

For those who’ve not played the game; Beatrice is a pivotal character that you as the main character must protect throughout the game. Her life means the difference between prosperity and destruction, and now she’s a cute little figurine for you to have on your desk or on your shelf! So kawaii, right!? Yes, nothing says “let’s fight for our lives” like a cute blonde girl with a smile on her face. She’s deadly but she’s also kind-hearted and now she can be yours to keep. As of right now there’s no actually release date for the figurine but usually when Good Smile Company announces a new figurine it’s not too long until it’s made available. Stick to the site, though, because when it does get released you’ll find out about it here.


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