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Good Grief – NIS America Reveals Danganronpa: Another Episode Limited Edition Pack

Danganronpa-Another-Episode-Limited-Edition-Beauty-Shot-01The Danganronpa series of despair-inducing video games is all about gruesome murders, heart-pounding trials, and watching the people you’ve come to call friends slowly betray you in every single way they possibly can…so why the hell are we always so excited for another game in the series to come out? All it ever does is bring is pain, but I guess it’s that good kind of pain, the one you feel when you get punched in the face by someone you love; it hurts a whole bunch but you still love them so you let it slide. NIS America have today revealed the Limited Edition pack for the upcoming Danganronpa Spin-off Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls which takes a nice break from the usual court-based gameplay of your standard Danganronpa game and replaces it with some pretty rad-looking third person shooter mechanics. It’s kind of hard to hate that right?

Look, you should know about all this already because it was announced a long time ago and ever since then Nippon ichi Software have delivered the pop culture world everything they possibly could about the game bar the game itself, so you’ll excuse me if I simply move on to the main point of this article: The Limited Edition pack! Yes, only available through NIS America’s online store which you can get to by Clicking Here, this pack features enough extra goodies to keep you out of the world of despair for a long enough time that you’ll forget about how crappy the world truly is…in the game.

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

– The game itself…duh!

– A 32-page Danganronpa: Another Episode art book.

– The official Danganronpa: Another Episode soundtrack which features 15 songs.

– A tie clip.

– A Kurokuma tie.

– A Pin.

– A Kurokuma eye-patch.

– An awesome special edition game box.

For only $64.99 it’s hard to not want to immediately pre-order this Limited Edition pack and if that’s what you want to do…head back up the article and click the link that’ll take you to NIS America’s online store because, here’s the thing; it’s called a Limited Edition pack for a reason…because stock is limited, so go and buy it now! Seriously, why take the chance and miss out on some awesome Limited Edition swag just because you’re too lazy to scroll back up? Just do it! Though there’s no specific release date, Danganronpa – Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls will be hitting North America and Europe on the PlayStation Vita this coming Fall/Autumn so keep an eye out! Even if you decide not to, we’ll have all the information you need here on the website so just keep coming back. In fact, never leave! Keep the tab open forever! Upupupu!


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