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Going Digital Once More – Digimon World: Next Order Releases New Trailer


The story begins anew

Since the Digital Monsters first graced our collective childhoods, there has been a desire to witness the world in which they live, a desire met by the handily titled Digimon World. Spun into a franchise across the years, these games have provided stories to whet the appetites of those who wish to take their favourite Digimon friends and hit evil really, really hard, often in the face or faces  (depending on their respective constitutions). Of course, the more recent of these do good adventures have been limited to Japanese audiences, what with localisation and all, though hopefully the soon to release in the west Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth will bring a resurgence of the franchise outside its country of origin.

Owing to its place within a pre-established franchise, Next Order promises gameplay elements similar to those that have graced Worlds prior. Providing the player with a protagonist male or female protagonist avatar and two digital companions, the game also promises a story of combat, villainy and mystery, or so it is gathered from the trailer. Personally, the most interesting aspect of this game by far is the possible return of a familiar face, if you have a memory that stretches back to the first Digimon World that is. Seen wearing a black knit beanie and yellow hoodie, the so called “mysterious boy” bears a striking resemblance to the protagonist of Digimon World, albeit a skosh older. This seems all the more plausible given that said character is seen standing next to Machinedramon, the partner to Analogman, the antagonist from the original World. could something have happened in the interim between worlds to cause our former hero to become a shadow of his former self, or worse, the next Analogman? I honestly can’t say for sure, but I really want to find out. So, until they specifically say whether or not a Western release for Next Order will happen, I’m going to keep up hope and continue to ponder my own personal theories. You on the other hand can check out the trailer, safe from my blathering.


Coincidence? I think not!


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