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Godzilla Recieves Letter of Appreciation from Setagaya Ward, Tokyo

godzilla-letter-of-appreciationThe King of all Monsters has received a very sincere Letter of Appreciation earlier this week from the Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. That’s right, the local government of Setagaya Ward gave the Letter of Appreciation to Godzilla, the greatest hero in Japanese history.

In a rather humble ceremony in Setagaya Ward, Godzilla was celebrated and thanked for his legendary acts to protect the Ward throughout its history dating all the way back in 1932 when TOHO studio first opened in Setagaya Ward. Godzilla is truly the hero that the people of Japan and the world have always needed.

The contents of the letter are still unknown at this point in time but it goes without saying that Godzilla is more than deserving of such appreciation. Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this colossal news.



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