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GIVEAWAY: NIS America’s Grand Kingdom – 20 Closed Beta Codes


I know why you’re here. Yeah, yeah, I do, I do: It’s because you want some free stuff, right? Heck yeah! That’s cool with us here at SnapThirty, do you know why? Well, it’s because we love you all for sticking with us for so long and, every once in a while, we like to give something back to you all for being so darn great! Thanks to Bandai Namco Entertainment, NIS America, and Spike Chunsoft, we have been given the chance to hold this giveaway competition for the upcoming Tactical RPG title Grand Kingdom.

In the Spike Chunsoft-developed title you play as a squad of mercenaries who have recently joined a powerful guild of masterful warriors. Times are changing, and wars are no longer fought with armies owned by opposing sides, instead land leaders are forced into hiring mercenaries to do their bidding; from silent assassinations to brutal mob warfare, nothing is too gruesome for those who belong to a mercenary guild, and as their newest members, you and your fellow fighters will have to do all you can to not only make a name for yourself, but to stay aline in the process!


While the upcoming game is set for an official release on the17th of June across Europe, and the 21st of June in the United States of America, NIS America are giving a lucky few the opportunity to get a feel for this game long before it hits store shelves, and I’m not referring to that of a demo made available to anyone, what I’m talking about is a closed beta that will not only give many the chance to experience the game before release, but will allow for the development team over at Spike Chunsoft to make necessary changes to the title, if necessary, so that it is perfected before it is made available to the public.

Now closed betas are often difficult to join considering there’s only a finite number of spots available to members of the public, that’s why SnapThirty has been given a total of 20 codes for the PlayStation 4 version of the closed beta to dish out to those lucky enough to win our competition. Thankfully for those of you out there who’re interested in getting your hands on the Grand Kingdom closed beta, it’s pretty darn easy to enter! Allow me to explain: We will be giving away 10 copies of the game’s open beta on both our Twitter and our Facebook pages, and there’s only two measly steps you’ll have to follow once you’re on either of those pages.

Step 1: Like us on Facebook, and/or follow us on Twitter.

Step 2: Like and Share the post containing the link to this article on Facebook, and/or like and retweet on Twitter.

This way we will know exactly who is interested in landing themselves one of these closed beta codes. Now, you can still enter if you were following us prior to this competition, but we’re still going to need you to follow Step 2 so that you’ll be able to enter. Those of you who want double the chance of winning one of the codes can do this process on both our Facebook AND Twitter pages, that way if you don’t score yourself a code on one social media page, you still have a chance on the other!


A winner will be chosen on the 3rd of May (the day the closed beta is scheduled to begin), and you will be contacted via the social media platform you applied on with your personalised closed beta code. Unfortunately this competition only applies to those living in Australia, so if you aren’t from Oz then unfortunately you’re not eligible for this simply because the codes provided to us are specifically for our region. Sorry, everyone else.

Perhaps you don’t win a single one of the 20 closed beta codes we have to offer, it’s sad but it’s okay because you can still register yourself through NIS America’s portal by heading to the following website: Click Here

Good luck, everybody! Hopefully we’ll be contacting you soon enough to tell you that you’re a winner! Just remember though; even if you don’t win this competition it doesn’t make you a loser, you’re still a winner to us!

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