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Get Your Very Own “Space Dandy” Be@rbrick Thanks To Medicom

Be@rbrick-Dandy-Figurine-Image-01I bet you all saw this one coming right? Avid Anime watchers who are currently enthralled in the new Summer season would have most likely watched the new episode of ‘Space Dandy’ wherein which Dandy and his crew travel through countless dimensions meeting other versions of themselves and getting up to their usual mischief. Why was this episode so damn good? Well we got to see Dandy and co in ways we’ve never seen them before! In one dimension our hero was a Shonen fighter with the skills, style and overall vibe of the late king of pop Michael Jackson.

In another dimension he was a dark and gloomy alien hunter who’s partners are a horrific cyborg man and a man who thinks he’s a horrific cyborg…hmmm. One dimension’s Dandy would perhaps be considered one of the greatest shows of product placement the Anime world has ever seen: This particular Dandy was simply…a Be@rbrick figurine. It was blatantly obvious that this was, in a round about way, a promotion for the new Space Dandy Be@rbrick toy that has today been announced. Well done, ladies and gentlemen of the ‘Space Dandy’ production crew.

Medicom, who make the figurine series, have today opened up preorders for the new figurine which is selling for ¥1,500, that’s about US$15. The figurine measures in at just under three inches so it’s not too big but also not too small. Basically it is worth what you’ll be paying for it. Start preordering now because the items start shipping in September and that’s really only just around the corner. Start living the ‘Dandy’ way, baby, and grab yourself one of these awesome Be@rbrick Dandys.

Be@rbrick Dandy Purchase Page: Click Here


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