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Get Xcited – Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PS4 Launch Trailer Posted


The re-re-visit you’ve been waiting for

Also the game itself was launched. I know I kind of buried the lead on that one, but I though I’d rectify it immediately. Coinciding with the launch trailers release, X/X-2 HD Remaster hit North American shelves with a $49.99 price tag. European gamers however, will have to hold on for just alittle longer until they can dive back into the adventure. One day to be precise.

Having already received a collective release on PS3 and PS Vita not too long ago, players will be happy to note that this latest version will feature a cross-save function, rendering your previous progress relevant and ready to go. Or you can just start anew once more and enjoy FFX, FFX: Eternal Calm (video), FFX-2 and FFX: Last Mission, along with bonus audio and, of course, credits…also re-mastered visuals, re-arranged background music…what I’m getting at here is that there’s a whole lot of stuff.

Oh, I also mentioned a launch trailer in the title didn’t I? Well here it is, right under this. Enjoy.


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