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Get Tangled Up In The New Trailer For Kingdom Hearts III Courtesy Of E3 2015


Now I have to start off this article in a purely honest manner: I’m not that big a fan of Disney and I’m not that big a fan of Final Fantasy, so a video game series like Kingdom Hearts, as you’d imagine, isn’t necessarily on my radar for things to look out for…still, I am a man who prides himself on giving credit when credit is indeed due, and the newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III just released at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, well…it’s genuinely made me second guess my likes and dislikes entirely.

Fans have been on Square Enix’s back for quite some time about most things the fine company produces and releases. Most notably are these two titles; Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts III. Why is that? Well, in FFVII’s case, it’s a game that most, if not all, people want to be able to experience. Most people, me being one of them, do not have what it takes to go back and play the original, but if there was perhaps a remake…then we’d consider it. For Kingdom Hearts III; Square Enix simply did a wonderful job at blending Final Fantasy and Disney so many times in the past that fans cannot handle having to wait for the next iteration of their favorite series. At E3 2015 Square Enix did some great things; they announced that Final Fantasy VII will be getting a full remake…and they released a brand-new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. Literally exactly what the fans wanted!

The new trailer brings the new game’s combat system very much into the spotlight and trades out unnecessary dialogue to show you what it has to offer. Sora and his crew are seen battling Heartless in the land of Disney’s Tangled which is very exciting for most Disney fans out there seeing as it is indeed one of the more beloved films, but unfortunately none of the characters from the 2010 production are actually shown. Not Rapunzel, not Flynn, not even the chameleon everyone seems to enjoy so much.

Square Enix know exactly how to get a crowd cheering and they’ve very much done so with the newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III which has been provided for you just below. Check it out just below:


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