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Gera Gera What?! Level-5 Announces Two New “Yo-Kai Watch” Games

Yokai-Watch-3-Announcement-Image-01Level-5, you know them; they’re the young Japanese video game developer famous for titles like “Attack Of The Friday Monsters” and “Fantasy Life”, as well as many other huge series’ like “Inazuma Eleven” and “Professor Layton”.

They’re also the creators of the steamrolling monster-taming franchise “Yo-Kai Watch” which, in case you missed the news, is set to be heading to the West sometime by the end of this year or at the start of next year.

Well Level-5, seemingly overnight, announced that there are two awesome additions to the small but powerful lineage of “Yo-Kai Watch” games; the first is simply titled…”Yo-Kai Watch 3″ and, as you may be able to tell, is the third instalment of the main series of games, whereas the other which is titled “Yo-Kai Watch: Busters” is an offshoot game that will feature co-op capabilities that outdo even the main titles.

The new “Busters” title will feature four player co-op as well as some terrifyingly titanic bosses…”Monster Hunter”, anyone? “Yo-Kai Watch” has taken Japan by storm and, come next year, I’ll be able to say the same for the entire world.

Much like “Pokemon”, “Yo-Kai Watch” started its long life with a huge bang and con only continue to get more and more popular. With two new games under its belt I can’t see how I’d be wrong in saying that this series truly is the “next big thing”.


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