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Gatebox – Waifu in a Box!?

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Over the past 10 years or so the tech world has grown immensely, from fancy consoles like the PS4, Xbone and Wii U, to figures that control games, like Skylanders and the amiibo craze, the beginnings of the VR and AR world with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and now…2D girls controlling your electronics, helping you with day to day tasks and basically ‘The Waifu Age’ is now upon us hip hip hooray for NEETs everywhere.

Hyouka Cast Cheering

I can already hear the celebrations from here

No I’m serious, the Japanese have once again figured out a way to completely blow my, no our, minds with something we never really thought we’d need, or want for that matter. Vinclu Inc., a company only formed in 2014, are developing what they call a “World First Holographic Communication Robot that enables you to live with your favourite character.” The device, or maybe I should say ‘she’ I really don’t know at this point, will help you with day to day tasks, like waking you up in the morning, letting you know the weather forecast for the day and/or week and telling you that it, or ‘she’ get off my back, doesn’t want you to leave and makes you question your life decisions as to why you only have a digital girl fawning over you and not a real one.



Honestly this is really exciting, just imagine having your own ‘character’ of sorts helping you day in and day out at home with just about anything and eventually, or hopefully, we can take it, or ‘them’, around with us as well. Of course this is setting up for our eventual enslavement by technology, cough cough Skynet cough cough, but hey, if that means I get my own 2D tsundere loli that follows me around everywhere and that I can talk to whenever I want then sign me up!

If you haven’t already, then you can watch the video with English subs here:

Also, go ahead and check out their Twitter (@gatebox) and website ( to find out more and stay updated with their future developments on the project, however it is all in Japanese so prepare to use good ‘ol Google translate if you don’t understand fluent Japanese.

So, what do YOU think about having your own portable waifu? Let me know in the comments below!


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