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FUNimation To Stream Psycho-Pass 2 English Dub


FUNimation have today announced that they will be streaming the new sequel series “Psycho-Pass 2” online for their premium members in high quality and…in full English dub. That’s twice as exciting! Not only will you be able to watch the series legally but you’ll also be able to watch it in English. As you may know, FUNimation did this previously with the Shinichiro Watanabe series “Space Dandy” and it went swimmingly.

My thoughts are that it can only work the same for “Psycho-Pass 2”. Starting on Saturday at 1pm ET/ 12pm CT, this series will be accompanied by a little competition set up by FUNimation just to see how good you are at picking voice actors and actresses. Basically you’re to listen to the dub and guess who voices who, you’ll then submit your answers to FUNimation through their Twitter ( For full info: Click Here) and you may just win yourself a HUGE “Psycho-Pass 2” poster. Tune in and prepare for a wild ride with the FUNimation dub of “Psycho-Pass 2”.



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