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FUNimation Reveals English Cast for Assassination Classroom


High school is murder…

Can you hear the school bells? They’re ringing much closer than you may have thought. That’s right students, both former and current, prepare to mark off your attendance because Assassination Classroom is heading to a screen near you with a handy dandy English dub. Don’t know what the anime is about? Then it’s time to study up:

Forget about homework and pop quizzes. The students of Class 3E have a far more important assignment: kill their teacher before the end of the year! A tentacle-d sensei that moves at Mach 20 is out to conquer the classroom after destroying seventy percent of the moon. In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, the murderous monster behind the lectern will teach his students everything he knows about the assassination game. Should some eager beaver prove to be a quick study in killing, he or she will save Earth from extinction – and collect a hefty reward. But they’d better take some serious notes while class is in session because their slaughtering sensei has eight deadly tentacles just waiting to wreak havoc on humanity!


Koro Sensei: Sonny Strait
Nagisa Shiota: Lindsay Seidel
Tadaomi Karasuma: Chris Ryan
Karma Akabane: Austin Tindle
Isogai: Jerry Jewell
Fuwa: Kristi Kang
Hayami: Jamie Marchi
Hinano: Kristen McGuire
Kaede: Monica Rial
Maehara: Chris Burnett
Mimura: Joel McDonald
Muramatsu: Eric Cherry
Nakamura: Apphia Yu
Okajima: Nick Haley
Okano: Didi Archilla
Sugaya: Kyle Phillips
Kanzaki: Leah Clark
Kimura: Jean Luc Hester
Kirara: Terri Doty
Meg: Morgan Garrett
Sugino: Clifford Chapin
Terasaka: Marcus Stimac
Toka: Michelle Rojas
Yoshida: Orion Pitts


ADR Director: Joel McDonald
Assistant ADR Director: Apphia Yu
ADR Engineer: Peter Hawkinson
Translators: Nora Stevens Heath, Clyde Mandelin
Script Writer: J. Michael Tatum

A trailer featuring the voices of said cast and the behind the scenes work of said crew was also released, although it is unfortunately blocked outside of America, what with licensing regulations and all. So those who can watch it; enjoy. Those who can’t (myself included) will just have to wait a little longer and do what every conscientious, hard working student does in class; impatiently watch the clock…


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  1. Kyeongwon Kwak says

    If you don’t mind, could I ask you for English script of all season of this animation?
    I am very interested in Learning English via English dubbed Japan animation.
    Please, send me the English scripts of Assassination Classroom.

    My email:
    Thank you.

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