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Fullmetal Alchemist On-Set Photos: Ryosuke Yamada Is Looking Good As The Live-Action Edward Elric


Of course, when it is revealed that a beloved Anime or Manga series is getting a live-action adaptation, people begin to worry. When it was announced that Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist was getting the live-action adaptation treatment we all took a deep breath and tried to remain calm…unfortunately that didn’t work for many people who decided to take to the internet to share their opinions on the new project. Then the heat dies down for a while after the production team decide that it isn’t worth sharing more news if they’re just going to get annihilated by their target demographic because of it, but that doesn’t stop the local newspapers from doing so!


La Nazione, an Italian newspaper, took to the world wide web after paparazzi snapped a set of three pictures from the set of the Fullmetal Alchemist film which is being filmed on location in Volterra, Italy. Of these three shots, really only one of them is worthwhile, and it’s that of lead actor Ryosuke Yamada in full Edward Elric costume. Sporting a very faithful recreation of the series’ main character, this leading man makes it looks as though he’s going to pull off not only the look but the character of Edward Elric as a whole. The films location looks very much like something you would see throughout the series, adding to the hopes that, well…they might actually pull this off!


The live-action Fullmetal Alchemist film is set for a release across Japan sometime next year, as filming will finish up by August of this year. If and when it gets a short theatrical release outside of Japan is still very much up in the air at this point in time, but chances are a company like Madman Entertainment will come along and do everything in their power to get this film to Western fans. Until then, all we have is shoddy on-set photographs and the hope that the studio releases a trailer or promotional images sometime soon.



  1. If the story is stand alone, the way Sacred Star was, then I might enjoy this movie. Sacred Star and Conquer of Shambala, while completely separate from Arakawa’s work, were very entertaining and fun on their own. But if this movie actually attempts to adapt the original story it’ll probably be as bad as The Last Airbender.

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