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From Z to Z – Pokemon Adds Some New Formes to its Numbers


From 10% to Hero

What is it that Pokemon fans love and/or hate the most? What issue is it that divides the fandom into two distinct categories? New Pokemon. That’s right lovers and haters, as this train continues to speed on down the tracks it gathers no small amount of extra passengers But be you a stalwart supporter of numbers 1 through 151, or a catcher of those in the hundred beyond, know this, the Pokemon family has just gotten a little bigger…in some form at least.

A few weeks ago, a CoroCoro article was released depicting a mysterious shadow, in no subtle terms hinted at being a new Pokemon (to nobody’s surprise). But what ho, through the mystical art of leaks, said shadow has been revealed in all its glory…along with a few tag alongs. Buried in the post-game of X and Y lies the (not surprising) Z; Zygarde. Serpentine dragon of nature, this powerful being is environmentalism incarnate. But there lies more to this creature than that. To be specific, the potential to transform, to power up like oh so many anime heroes.

Beginning at Zygarde Core (the previously leaked lil’ blob guy), this final Pokemon (alphabetically speaking) makes a slight alteration to Zygarde Cell, retaining mostly the same appearance…but flatter. But here’s where the magic happens. The Order Pokemon’s next forme just so happens to be, you (wouldn’t have) guessed it; a doberman. Yep, a nice green and black, scarf adorned pup said to be Zygarde at 10% power, possessive of great speed and sharp fangs. Now, as to why a serpent in its start up phase is a dog, we don’t know. Will we? Who knows, but things get even more interesting when we ramp the percentage up to 100.

So we’ve gone from blob, to flat blob, to dog, to serpent (the original form, revealed to be 50% power), what would you assume comes next? Did you say Megazord? Good, because you’d be right. That’s right Pokemaniacs, this mysterious one monster menagerie mixes in a Perfect Forme that’s one part Golem of yore and another…Megazord, like I said. Again, why this transformation takes place, I have no idea. Do I like it? Kinda, yeah. I’ll admit, it’s strange, haphazard even. But hte designs, in their own ways, kinda gel with my sensibilities. On top of that, I’m interested in the slight shifts Pokemon has been making on the actual Pokemon front. Lest we forget that Kyurem can fuse, because that is awesome.

In the same reveal, though to less appeal than new legendary formes, a new look Greninja can also be seen. Bringing a new sense of style, Ash’s Greninja seems to have developed a liking of it’s trainer’s style, somehow mimicking it. What this means is yet to be seen. Is it an anime only forme? Should it be present in future game titles, will it alter Greninja in anyway? Is this a glimpse into more styles of Pokemon, in the same vein as changing trainer clothes? Who knows? Not me, but I want to.

It’s also probably worth noting that in the promo image for X, Y & Z, a Noivern can be seen behind Ash. Utilising my minor detective skills, I take this to mean that his Noibat will be in the Evolutionary way in the not too distant future, for Japanese viewers at least. An Eevee also seems to be too close to Serena for coincidence to be applicable, so keep an eye out for that too. Taking one step further into fan theory, I wouldn’t be too surprised if she ended up with a Sylveon after that, seems to fit her motif. Either way, keep an eye out also yay Noivern…because it’s awesome.


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