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Freedom Wars Proves ‘Too Hard’ For Japanese Gamers


Freedom-Wars-Screenshot-01It’s a well known fact that Japanese gamers are some of the most hardcore players in the world. If ever you think you’re good at a game…there’s probably someone in Japan that can play it way better than you can. Way better! The PlayStation Vita exclusive ‘Freedom Wars’ was released about a week ago over in Japan and already comments have been circulating the web regarding the difficulty of the game with most players saying that the game is massively unbalanced. It is yet to be confirmed as to whether or not this unbeatable difficulty level was a purposeful addition to the game but regardless of that, series producer Junichi Yoshizawa has commented on these complaints saying that the production team will soon begin looking into this ‘problem’.

“It has come to my attention that the current players find the degree of difficulty to be too hard. In regard to the matter, we’ll be looking at countermeasures in the next few days. With all due apologies, please wait a little longer for corresponding details and the schedule.” – Junichi Yoshizawa

You know, reader, I always thought that this game was going to be hard. From what we’ve seen of the game through trailers and screenshots, it always reminded me of the video game series ‘Monster Hunter’ which is renown for having quite the learning curve. Japanes gamers have already mastered the skills required to play ‘Monster Hunter’ properly but ‘Freedom Wars’ is just too hard even for them. What hope do I have of enjoying this game if even they can’t?! I’m not a hardcore gamer. I love games but I’ve never really been ‘good’ at them…I’ve been excited for ‘Freedom Wars’ for ages now. I just hope a patch to fix these issues is released by the time we get it here in the West.

I know what you’re probably thinking; I’m pumping it up to be more than it is, well I’m not. From what I’ve read around the web, enemies are far too overpowered and players are killed within two shots…if they’re lucky. It’s hard to actually get close enough to attack the gargantuan monsters and when players do make it into close range they’re just swatted away like nothing. Having a game be hard to play is one thing but making a game so hard that players can barely win a single battle, dang, that’s just overboard. I guess it is fine though, the developers plan to fix it and I doubt they’ll take their time with it. Chances are there will be a patch out for the coming in the coming month.

To help players get rid of that bitter taste in their mouths, Mr Yoshizawa also announced that a free DLC pack is on the way. The pack will include some new customization items like hairdos, eyes and general avatar parts. He mentioned that DLC packs like this will always be free in the future but other types of packs that include new missions, levels, bosses and everything else of that kind will not. This seems fair, if you want more missions you’ve got to have the cash, baby. At least they’re not charging for character aesthetics like a lot of other video games floating around.

‘Freedom Wars’ is now available on the PlayStation Vita in Japan and will hit local shelves in North America, Europe and Australia sometime closer to the end of this year. Unfortunately for gamers playing in Europe, ‘Freedom Wars’ will NOT be getting a physical release. Sony announced this on their PlayStation Blog just today. I think it is fine though, just make sure to save some space on your memory stick because it will still be available through digital distribution. You just wont have the case to go with the game. Big whoop! In know this will probably make a few people upset but look on the bright side; at least you’re still getting the game.

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