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Four Idiots Play: Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round

What happens when four grown men play a fighting game targeted at those with a penchant for violence mixed with a love for some soft-core eroticism? Well, you get this video.

The boys from SnapThirty – Frank (@FrankInglese), Luke (@LAHalliday), Kane (@KaneBugeja) and Jahan (@JahanKingKhan) – decide that it’s time they all take on the wild and sexy world of Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round.

What ensues is a great deal of screaming, a great deal of aggravation, a great deal of rivalry and a hell of a lot of body appreciation.

Watch as long-time fan Jahan takes the other three to school and teaches them never to mess with someone who’s not only good at fighting games but gets stronger the more turned on he gets.

It’s weird, it’s strange but it’s great – It’s Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round

Huge thanks to Mindscape Australia (Tecmo Koei) who provided us with the review copy we used to record this video. Please support them where you can!


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