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Flying High – Gravity Rush 2 Trailer Reveals Nifty New Powers


Just you and I defying gravity

Good ol’ Gravity Rush, one of the early PS Vita games that helped launched the console into…the middling presence it holds in the gaming market. Ok, so the Vita isn’t as prevalent as I would like it to be, but I retain the opinion that it is a good console. Similarly, I liked Gravity Rush. Sure the controls could’ve used a little work, but it was a fun experience, one that is set to continue in the upcoming Gravity Rush 2.

Bringing back Kat and her gravity altering powers, this future PS4 installment has been relatively vague for a while. But wallow in vagueness no more, for a trailer has been released. For the sake of avoiding redundancy, I won’t spend too much time detailing the trailer blow by blow. All you really need to know is Jupiter Style, Luna Style and AI companions. Enjoy.


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