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FLCL is coming back for 2 more seasons co-funded by Toonami


FLCL is considered by many Western anime fans as one of the most innovative, bizarre and wildly engaging anime OVA series ever released. Weighing in at 6 episodes in length it was the perfect crash course in the weird and wonderful world of anime, serving as a gateway series for many back in the early 2000’s. Many consider it a perfect 6 episodes of anime. So with that said, lets get right down to the big news that brought you here; FLCL is getting another 2 seasons 15 years after it concluded.

That’s right we will be getting another 2 seasons of 6 episodes each totaling 12 new episodes of the series. So why is this coming about? Well Toonami have footed the bill for a brand new stretch of episodes with Production I.G. getting back to work on the continuation. Furthermore it appears that legendary J-Rock band The Pillows will be back to supply the series with its iconic soundtrack once more.

Toonami describes the continuation’s story as:

In the new season of FLCL, many years have passed since Naota and Haruhara Haruko shared their adventure together. Meanwhile, the war between the two entities known as Medical Mechanica and Fraternity rages across the galaxy. Enter Hidomi, a young teenaged girl who believes there is nothing amazing to expect from her average life, until one day when a new teacher named Haruko arrives at her school. Soon enough, Medical Mechanica is attacking her town and Hidomi discovers a secret within her that could save everyone, a secret that only Haruko can unlock.

So take that as you will. In my personal opinion I feel that these new seasons of FLCL could be great, but I also feel that it is wholly unnecessary. I personally like to think that sometimes things are better one and done rather than reviving something from the past to get some further mileage out of it. That said, I am remaining hopeful that the new seasons of FLCL will be every bit as magical as the first.

The second season of FLCL is slated to hit Toonami in English dubbed format in 2017. It is currently unknown as to whether the original cast will be back to reprise their roles. Stay tuned for more information as it comes to light.

Source: AV Club


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