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First Trailer Released For World Trigger: Borderless Mission


A while back, Bandai Namco Games revealed to the pop culture world that a PlayStation Vita game based on the semi-popular Shonen Jump Manga World Trigger was currently in production. Now, months later, with no more information than that revealed up until this point, Bandai Namco Games have released the very first trailer for the upcoming semi-open world action game which, seeing as how little information was previously revealed, can be also seen as something of a reveal trailer.

The PlayStation Vita title will closely follow the story of the series, both Anime and Manga, and will have you controlling some of it’s more predominant characters. Judging only by the trailer, it seems as though a few different character types will be usable; from Snipers to Swordsmen. Though looking a little unpolished, I have to say I’m very much excited for the release of this game despite there being no word on whether it’s set for a Western localisation. Actually, at this point in time we don’t even know when it’s hitting Japan. Well…we know it’s coming sometime in the Summer but that’s pretty vague. Once the specifics are revealed, it will be a great deal easier to determine when it’d hit local shores. Until then, just sit back and enjoy the new trailer, baby.


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