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First Thoughts: “Triage X” – They Don’t Make Cup Sizes This Big


I urge you to go and have a conversation about Anime with someone who has never experienced any Japanese pop culture media. I, in fact, dare you to do so. The talk you’ll have with that person will not only be enlightening for both sides but it’ll be funnier than any other conversation you’ll have all week. Chances are they’ll talk about how Anime is gory, violent and overtly sexual. You’ll probably disagree for the most part because, come on, not ALL Anime is like that…but some are!

If you’ve just watched the first episode of Xebec’s new Anime adaptation of Shoji Sato’s Manga series “Triage X” you’ll probably be a little more lenient on the opinions of the person you’ve just spoken to because, if you think about it properly; “Triage X” is the Anime people who don’t watch Anime think of when you ask them about it. It’s violent, it’s sexual and, well…it’s kind of utter mayhem. Fact is; sex sells and so does violence, which means “Triage X” is looking to a smash hit Anime series of 2015…I think. I don’t know.

What’s “Triage X” about? You know…I don’t even think I know as of right now. Episode one of the series doesn’t exactly tell us a great deal about the overall story of this Anime but we definitely get a very good look at what it has to offer both visually and in the…fanservice department. The episode ends with a heavy zoomed in shot of a pair of what I can only call grossly oversized boobs. I’ve seen Anime, I’m not new to Japanese pop culture…I play “Senran Kagura”, I know how over-the-top things like the female form can be. “Triage X” is on a whole other level.

Anywho, the woman with the large attributes then begins speaking to a second woman who, though in sniper position, we can assume is just as “gifted” as her bikini-clad friend. The sniper then speaks to another pair “mysterious party members” who head straight for what looks to be a Yakuza stronghold on the back of a sports bike with guns on hips and a fire in their hearts ready to kill whoever is inside.


As you can imagine…they do kill whoever is inside. In fact, they may have actually killed EVERYONE inside. That’s fine though because that’s their “job” I think. Here’s the thing; I’m not going to detail every little thing that happened in episode one. The point of me explaining the opening scene was just to illustrate the overall vibe of this Anime series.

It’s got plenty of provocative visuals and a LOT of action. Definitely for those of us out there that like a bit of mindlessness. The main character, the guy who rode in and killed a bunch of Yakuza, also happens to be a high school student with a mysterious past. Yeah, this Anime literally has everything someone would imagine an Anime would feature. It’s as simple as that.

Visually, and this time I’m not referring to the sexual stuff, “Triage X” is actually really good-looking! Xebec look as though they’ve employed a CG animation style mixed with that of your standard stuff to produce a fluid-looking action series. They make that much obvious in the very first scene where all the characters are shown to be animated traditionally but the vehicles in CG. I don’t usually like this type of hybrid style but it worked so well that I couldn’t help but be impressed.

If a studio is going to produce an action series, the main thing they have to know how to do is animate it properly. There’s no such thing as a great action series with terrible animation. Not to me. Thankfully “Triage X” has that in spades. I’d love to talk about the auditory side of the series but to be honest, apart from the awesome guitar riffs that played during action scenes, I can’t exactly recall what else it had to offer. Not that it is the fault of the series, that’s more on me. I was so focused on everything the Anime had to offer I practically “forgot” to.


Here’s the thing, reader; I WILL continue to watch this series. Damn right I will! The reason why? I’m a sucker for a good action series and I don’t exactly mind a little bit of that overt sexuality. I mean, I can go without it but if it’s there I might as well enjoy it for what it is. Story wise, there’s nothing much that’s really going on.

It’s very basic from what I can tell from the first episode but it looks as though what’s to come is simply a bunch of trained killers murdering other kinds of trained killers. Sometimes I find myself just wanting to watch an Anime where I don’t have to think or contemplate life and after what we were given last season with “Parasyte” and “Death Parade”, “Triage X” is just the vacation I’ve been looking for.


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